Syntax Error when using beast mode to create Case Statement for data flow


I received syntax error message `Invalid Formula : A column in this calculation did not exist` when trying to create a Case Statment (below) for a data flow. 


CASE WHEN `CaseCreatedBy` LIKE `%# Svc-ShipwiretoIM360integration%` THEN `true` Else `false` END

Case Syntax Error.PNG


  • Valiant

    Change anything you're actually referencing as a string instead of a column to use apostrophes instead of the back ticks (assuming the SVC reference is a string as well) like this:

    CASE WHEN `CaseCreatedBy` LIKE '%# Svc-ShipwiretoIM360integration%' THEN 'true' Else 'false' END


    Hope that helps,


  • I understood your question a little differently than @Valiant did.

    It seems to me that `# Svc-ShipwiretoIM360integration` is a beastmode calculation.  If that is the case, then you actually need to type the whole beastmode again.  You cannot reference the beastmode by name in another beastmode.  Try changing to something like this:


    CASE WHEN `CaseCreatedBy` LIKE

    concat('%', (CODE FOR THE OTHER BEASTMODE) , '%')

    THEN `true` Else `false` END

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