Grand Total shows incorrect aggregation

In the above image, third column is the beast mode which is count(distinct emailname) aggregation. I am getting correct number of unique email counts in row-wise but when it is aggregated for 'Grand Total' it showing different number. I don't why I am getting 1,781,128 counts instead of original total 1,876,229 counts . 


  • Just out of curiousity, do you have any null values in your data (either as used in your card definition or drill path).  Not just blank, but actually Null.

  • Is it possible that a single email name could be found in multiple categories?  When you are using a total row with an aggregate field, the total row simply applies that aggregation to the entire data set.  i.e. if your aggregation was MAX(`Revenue`) then the total row would only give you the max value for your entire data set, not the sum of row in the table.


    My hypothesis would be that you have duplicate `emailname` in your data set.

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  • Yes , we do have duplicate email address. That's why we go Unique function but when we want to know the 'Grand total' of all unique values in multiple categories. 


    In domo , how to do sum aggregation for unique values so that we know , sum of unique values in the entire dataset in multiple categories 

  • Do you use a beastmode to obtain the distinct items? If so I believe the context of application for the Distinct logic is specific to the card that employs the beastmode and not the drill path. Just a possibility to review/confirm.
  • Try something like this:


    COUNT(DISTINCT CONCAT(`Field 1`,`email_name`))


    I can't tell what your field names are, but that should give you the total that you want in the grand total row.

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