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I have a challenge on hand. I need to create multiple single value cards which are diagramatically interconnected via Arrows to represent counts at different level . say count of customers at the Store entrance, some specific counters, Exit door at any given time.


how to Achieve this in DOMO?  any idea or tip is really appreciated.


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    The only way I know to achieve something like that would be go about building out a custom app. 


    You can use the Design Studio option (as long as you have Adobe Illustrator) and should be able to accomplish what you're talking about without too much difficulty.


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  • I think that this could potentially be accomplished with a custom chart as well.


    It would depend on your data set, but if you have data coming in that would give you the values that you need, then you should be able to map those values to differend areas of a custom chart



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