Summing column values based on dates


I'm trying to sum values as they fall within a range of dates. I think I have to do this in Beast Mode, because the Window function in ETL doesn't seem to allow for this though I have never successfully used it. I am not proficient in MySQL.


I want to sum the 'EDP Visits' between Sundays. In the table below, the values for Oct 22 thru Oct 28 would be summed together, so I would end up with a row for date Oct 28 and a calculated value of 745.



Extra complications - I'm not always working in 7-row intervals:

-The min(date) in my tables is not always a Monday as in the example below. It can be any day of the week. So

-On SOME weeks I want to extend the summing from Monday to Monday - this occurs when there is a national holiday. I have an index of dates that can be used to identify these outlier dates. 


Date EDP Visits

Has anyone solved for this?

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  • rado98
    rado98 Contributor

    I think for hte first part Beastmode will work well. Just cerate a Beastmode "Week" and use that as the "Date' on your table. If using in a graph "Graph by week" will get this to work (although that is such an obvilous solution that i am guessign it that not apply.


    For your indexed, nor sure what that data looks like, I would join that data to the current dataset using ETL then create a bestmode along the lines of


    Week (Case when 'Index Cloumn' = 'Indiexed' then (Date - 6)

                else Date