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I have a page with a selection of cards. I have added filters to the page but want to rename them. Is this possible? They are named as per the column in the dataset they are connected to so this implies that I have to rename at source. Is this correct? ie run an ETL process to rename the columns and then point to the new output data source instead? 


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  • Valiant

    As of right now you'll have to edit the name in the ETL process. However I do believe they are working on a way to edit the name/column type at the schema edit screen for the dataset. Might be something we see revealed in a couple months at Domopalooza.


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  • DataMaven

    This is why it's a best practice to always create a dataflow, and not create your cards directly from input datasets.  There is almost always sometihng to update.  


    Just in case you don't already know this, you can easily switch all your cards over from one dataset to the other in bulk.  Let us know if you need info on this. 


    Unfortunately, it will mess up the fields due to the field name changes, but when you open each card, it will guide you through whatever is missing.  It'll take less time and effort than you expect.  

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  • DannyLewis

    Hey, late response I know but thanks for getting back to me. I'd love to learn how to switch all cards to a new data set. I've created the renaming in the ETL process and have a fresh new output dataset I want to switch into the dashboard. Any help much appreciated.