Conversion Bar Chart by Channel Grouping


Hi Everyone,


I am on a free trial with Domo and am still learning my way around. I really think Domo will be great for our agency, but I need help making a couple charts if anyone is so kind to help!


Here is what I want to create in Domo when connecting to Google Analytics:


Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 4.16.39 PM.png


Here's what I need: to see Total Conversions by channel grouping (from my Google Analytics account), but with a breakdown of each separate goal within each bar. Man, my data lingo is awesome...


Anyway, I can connect my Google Analytics account, but I am not sure how to separate out each of my goals? I have about 4 separate goals I need to break out in each bar from Google Analytics.


My question would be: What segments do I need to pull in from Google Analytics to see that data, and is it something that is not available from the default check list?


Secondary question: I saw where I can pick default channel grouping from the segments when configuring Google Analytics, but I did not see where to select a custom channel grouping I had created there. Is that even possible?


Thank you so much in advance! - Shelby


  • user07941

    I think that my X axis would by my custom channel grouping, my y axis would be goal completions, and my series would be Goal Name or goal type.


    The items in bold above is what's in question. How do I pull those custom metrics in from GA?


    Thanks again!

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