Receiving Password protected xls or xlsx files via email connector



I am  trying to find a solution to receive password protected files (XLS or XLSX ) via the email connector.

If we use the XLSX format on a protected file; the connector does not accept the file and throws up an error (see screen shot 1).

If we use a XLS protected file; the connector accepts the file, but only if the password is "test" (the password is case sensitive). However, XLS files, when sent to Domo, the column headings are not recognised for numeric fields and therefore an aliases are used as column headings (see screen shot 2).


Is there any other option to receive password protected files?



  • ASperry
    ASperry Domo Employee



    The Dataset via Email connector currently does not support password protected Excel file. I'd suggest submitting Product Feedback from your Domo instance. Click the Domo drop-down menu > Select Feedback > Select Product Feedback. The Product Team will be sure to reach out to you directly. 

    It appears the only way to a password protected Excel file into Domo is to use the Legacy File Upload connector.



    Domo Technical Support