Is there a way to pull Real-Time data from Salesforce into Domo?


We have Lead data that we want to be able to track real-time in Domo. It is all stored and updated in Salesforce, but we would like it live in Domo. Is this possible using the Domo advanced connector?


  • I am unaware of a way to do this.  You can schedule the data to get pulled into Domo every hour, or even every 15 minutes I believe.  Most of our data from salesforce then goes through a dataflow or two before it is ready to be analyzed which means that even if we pull every hour, the data is not updated on the cards until the dataflow that powers the card has been run.


    If your data flow takes 15 minutes to run, and you pull the data from salesforce every 15 minutes, then you would only have a 30 minute delay between data entry and the data "appearing" in Domo.  (you would also need to add in the time that it takes to actually pull the data down as well)

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