Uploading CSV file using pydomo Streams API gives error


While trying to upload a CSV file using the Streams API in PyDomo, I get the following error:

Exception: Error uploading Data Part on Execution 1 on Stream 1233: {"status":400,"statusReason":"Bad Request","message":"Invalid CSV provided during upload. msg=There are too few columns. Expected 87. Row 1, column 2. Row: /data/NovemberViewabilityAnalysis/2018-11-14_all_1.csv\n","toe":"0LN59PKO3C-0CPJR-L0OSS"}

The Row that is causing this error is not in the CSV file. 

Row: /data/NovemberViewabilityAnalysis/2018-11-14_all_1.csv\n","toe":"0LN59PKO3C-0CPJR-L0OSS"

 I am creating the CSV file using pandas and saving it in a temporary location before calling the streams.upload_part function on this file. Please let me know how I can prevent this.






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