case when statement in ETL mode, incomplete data result




When i ran  case when statement in ETL mode, there's some condition that haven't shown the result in the right place


Below is the same dataset ran in the ETL mode and preview the dataset, my 'Non-paid users' statement didn't shown in the preview nor in my card, tried many times to update....





did anyone met the same situation? thank you in advance..




  • Valiant

    I would suggest altering your CASE WHEN by adding in an ELSE clause (after the ...then 'Guest Users' and before END). 

    Something like 

    ELSE 'Outlier'

    And then you can filter to only view your Outlier values and see what conditions those rows have and as to why they aren't being caught in your CASE WHEN.


    Hope that helps,


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  • Hi, @user01131 Lu,


    Your TRIM() usage looks suspicious. Are you trying to trim leading and trailing spaces? Or lead and trailing double quotes? the TRIM() function defaults to remove leading and trailing spaces. So if that's what you're trying to do, TRIM(`customer`) should do it. If you're trying to remove leading and trailing double quotes, you probably want something like TRIM('"' from `customer`)


    But now that I'm looking at it, I can't tell from your image if you're using single quotes or double quotes or some combination. Either way, @Valiant suggests the best method to troubleshoot the problem


    Hope that helps.