Beast Mode, text field and number together

I want to show avg price based on the text field (section). But can't get those 2 together 

 12.18120loge 4 b
 12.18 485loge 4 a
 12.19 22loge 20 b
 12.19 48.5floor ga
 12.20 18terrace 14
 12.20 527




For example, for this 14th December, It would be awesome if I could see for this balcony 3l avg price for that section for that date

Thank you in advance.


  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hello user00087,

    You should be able to find the average of this field by re-configuring it's format within the Analzyer tool, if the field is categorized as numeric. However, you may need to use a Beast Mode calculation or Dataflow if the field is not numeric. In order to get the best idea of how this would be accomplished, I would recommend contacting your Domo account team with a link to the dataset you're currently working with.




    - Jarvis