How do you filter using the selectdropdown widget in the Domo Design Studio when building an app?


I'm trying to build an app using Illustrator and Domo Design Studio. I need to filter based off customer and the only "Control" widget showing up is a multi-select dropdown. I would like to use the SelectDropDown widget but it doesn't have the ability that I can see to filter other widgets. This seems like a bug but surely someone else has encountered this.


  • camcusick_07
    camcusick_07 Domo Employee

    If you think this is a bug the best route would be to submit a ticket to domo support. Adding screenshots of what you are seeing will be very helpful in the troubleshooting process. The best way to submit a ticket is either calling in or using the customer portal.



  • user090822

     Also ecountering the same issue here!

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