Failed Dataflow, status information just says "Failed while Executing"

"there was a problem with this dataflow"


When I click on the status icon, every single step says failed, so I have no idea where the problem is.


How do I even begin debugging this?  It had been working until yesterday...


  • If Magic ETL and they all say 'failed' go scroll over them slowly and make sure you go one by one...sometimes I think they all say 'failed' but there is one that says something else. And from that you'd be able to figure out where to go.



    Hope that helps.


  • Thanks for the idea, but unfortunately, the hover-text all says "No Additional Details"

  • Then on whatever action that shows then something may be squirrely with the data.  If you can see if you can just copy the action...replace the failed action with the copy and remove the original.