How to Connect and Save Data from a Domo App?

I have built a simple app and upoladed it to Domo. Put it simply it works like a calculator, although of course this is a very early prototype. 

So a user is prompted to input two values (x and y) and upon pressing "calculate", the calculator app will show the multiplication result of the two values (x*y). 

Now my question is, how do I get the data for all the calculations from the calculator?


Ideally it will be in this format: 

x     y    x*y

1    4    4

2    5   10

3    6   18


What are the codes or steps required to get the data? Thanks!


  • Certainly an interesting use-case, and a smart way to add some user interactivity to Domo.


    Depending on how you developed your app (Adobe Illustrator or plain HTML/CSS/JS), you can leverage Domo's APIs to push data to a dataset, or push directly to a sql server, for instance.


    Here's a link that might be able to assist:


    Let me know if that makes sense.

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