Beast Mode for Time Adjusted Pipeline


We are creating some sales cards, and we would love to create a card that adjust the revenue in the pipeline over time. Right now, we have one card that shows the adjusted revenue in each stage of our pipeline.


How would I create a calculated field in order to show a "Time Adjusted" pipeline?


  • Hi, @user01800,


    What is the logic that determines how the pipeline revenue is adjusted? For example, perhaps you only want to include a record in the pipline if the close-date is in the future? Or perhaps you want to exclude a record from the pipeline number if a corresponding booking has been created?


    It also depends on how you're trying to visualize the pipeline date. For example, do you want to see your pipeline as of any given day in history (e.g. a line chart)? Or do you want to see on the current pipeline number (e.g. a simple gauge)? Or do you want to see the current pipeline number along with the changes that have occurred recently (e.g. waterfall chart)?