Merge not available via API


I would like to update records in DOMO using a specific column/key.

This seems to be a part of the "Merge" function when creating a Data Set.


I notice the option to "Merge" is available when using the web browser interface but not available when using the API.


Do I need to update my DOMO API jars/sdk?


See the attached screen shot to see what the API shows in Eclipse.


  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hey there! 


    Currently the only options that exists via the Domo API are Replace and Append.  You still have the option to do merge on a select few of our connectors, but you will need to work with your Customer Success Manager to have the functionality enabled. 


    If you would like to see Merge enabled via the API, I would recommend submitting a feedback reqeust to Domo's Development team, since it is not currently an available feature.  


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