Sorting x-axis values



I'm trying to do a simple descending sort for number values on the x-axis (so just reverse the x-axis values).

However, this does not seem to work as the values stay in ascending order. I figured out the problem is that I am using a scatter plot, since the sorting works fine with e.g. a line chart. Problem is that a line chart handles the x-axis values as text, so the interval is the same regardless of the x-axis values.


Is there a known workaround for sorting values on a scatter plot?

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  • Could you provide a screenshot of your card? We might be able to spot something from that.


    In the interim, I would ensure that the x-axis value that you are wanting to sort on is in the first field of the "Sorting" section, between the "Chart Properties" and the "Filters". I just tested this on a scatter and it appears to be working as expected. Attached a screenshot showing the setup where "effectiveDate" was on my x-axis, and I wanted to sort by it asc or desc. Also, filters (quick or otherwise) shouldn't affect the sorting of a particular card.

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