How can I find column name across DOMO?

I have a field called "User Name".
How can I find Datasets/DataFlows contains this "User Name".

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  • amnel
    amnel Domo Employee

    You could leverage the new "Domo Governance" connector. There are a lot of useful reports in there.


    For you specific case you could leverage the "Dataset Schema" report which will list all the fields in each dataset and the "Dataset" report to get more detail on whether the dataset is a dataflow or other type.

  • Thanks for your reply.


    I think this will work only for one Dataset.

    If the field used in many Dataset, how can we find all datasets?

    Thank you

  • amnel
    amnel Domo Employee
    Answer ✓

    It will give you all datasets in the instance. I just double checked.


    It will also give you other useful information without having to use the "Datasets" report.

    Screenshot at Dec 11 12-00-02.png