% of total


How can I get the % of total value in a table card, like the below? Data will be in a similar format to below, although the users will be able to pick a Year and Week Number.


SupplierPallets% of total
Supplier 1515.63%
Supplier 226.25%
Supplier 3618.75%
Supplier 4928.13%
Supplier 539.38%
Supplier 6721.88%


  • dthierjung

    There's 2 ways you could go about this - one using the "Subtotal Rows" chart properties of the table card, and another aggregating your data in a dataflow for your cards to consume.


    The former option will be visually different than what you proposed above in that there would be a subtotal row in your table, and not a column. This is accomplished by going into the "Subtotal Rows" chart properties, selecting "Show Subtotal Rows", and "Show as Percent of Total".


    However if you use the latter option, you can include that "% of Total" as a column, as you have proposed. I'm not sure how you're bringing your data in for this card, however you can create a dataflow that aggregates your data via MagicETL or MySQL, and creating that column.