Show Total in Donut Chart

Hi All,


I am new to Domo, and I am trying to build a very simple donut chart.

My problem is that I can not place the total into the middle of the donut.

The total shows up on the right side of the card, the same way it would if it were a pie chart.

But the whole point of having a donut chart is to be able to show something in the 'hole' of the donut.

Unfortunately I see no settings to configure this.


Could you please help me.

Thank you,


Best Answer


  • Unfortunately Domo does not have an option that allows you to display the legend inside the donut chart at this time.


    If you're feeling creative, you can create your own donut visualization using the developer tools which can be done via Adobe Illustrator or using a more developer centric approach:


  • This is disappoining as the whole point in a donut chart design vs a pie chart is to place the key metric in the center.

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