Result of Date functions do not align in Transform

I am getting the wrong date listed when I use CURRENT_DATE() in a transform and it is a causing my data to display incorrectly.  Why does it show the date at Dec 7 when it was actually Dec 6 as the NOW() function shows?

How do I fix this?




  • This issue MAY have to do with your company's time zone settings that admins can set. I know that beast mode functions are affected by this.


    Check out this link for more info, it might provide a possible solution:


    Specifically, potentially using the MySQL function "CONVERT_TZ()" to convert into your relevant time zone.

  • Unfortunately, I have tried convert_tz and our admin setting are set with our timezone correctly.

  • Hm, well if there are differences between the two functions only at certain times of the day, like starting later in the afternoon, then I would say that it is a time zone issue, otherwise I would open a ticket with DomoSupport since that shouldn't be happening.

  • I actually found a solution.  In beastmode (because the timestamps are correct in the transform) I used convert_tz(`date`,'us/eastern','us/eastern').  This corrected the timestamps and properly took into consideration daylight savings.