Error: 'Location' is undefined when trying to publish Domo app


Hi, I followed the instructions in Domo Developer app building to create a very simple app. 


I now have a basic app that I want to upload to Domo, but everytime I enter and click enter on domo publish in the CLI, the system sent an error message that shows a message like the attached file. 

'Location' is undefined. 


Can anyone help me on this problem? Thanks a lot.



  • camcusick_07
    camcusick_07 Domo Employee



    The best option here would be to reach out to your Domo Account team. They will be able to find the right resources for you. If you have already followed the exact documentation and it does not work, then they might have some additional resources to assist you. One thing they might need is a screenshot of what you are putting into the CLI tool. 





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