How to create a text card like in Tableau or Power BI?


I need to build a text card that looks like this in Power BI:


or a similar summary number feature in Tableau. 


How can I do this in Domo? I am so far using Sumo card to show it, but even this doesn't show the whole value. It just showed the 2.1M instead of

   Total Sales:



Which is what I need to create. Any suggestion as to how I can make this in Domo?

Thanks a lot!


  • Under Chart Types -> Table, choose the Textbox type.

    Then it's just the Card name at the top and Value shown for the number. 



    See if that's what you need,


  • The only way that I know to do this is to create a table card.





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  • Go to Chart Types --> Gauges --> Single Value


    You can format the field to show the whole value or any decimal places.

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