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I created a chart, which shows me a KPI from yesterday, the day before yesterday and it´s variance (The data is broken at the moment, so results are completely wrong).



Afterwards I created two alerts, which for test purposes only alerts when there is no change (which is not possible), One on "Most recent" and one on "All items".


Unfortunatley, I get the following notifications:

Alert 1)



Alert 2)



As you can see Alert 1 has no value, I guess the alert takes today as most recent day vs. I don´t know which day.

Alert 2 shows me a wrong variance, so that is also not possible.

Could some one explain to me how the alerts specifically work? All documents on alerts are rather unhelpful and very superficial.


Many thanks!



  • No one?

  • Hi, Nikse,


    I have to believe this is possible, but it may depend on how you have implemented the functionality to show only yesterday and the day prior. Did you apply a filter to the card? Or did you use a Beast Mode calculation to build that logic? Other?

  • Here's how I accomplished what I think you're trying to do:

    • First, I created a Beast Mode calculation that uses case logic to determine if a row is Yesterday or the Day Before Yesterday (records for any other dates are just NULL in this calculation)
    • I used that Beast Mode calculation as a filter for the card, so the card only shows two dates: yesterday and the day before
    • I created an alert where the rule looks at the Most Recent Day  (in the Metric box in the alert setting window)

    Does that get you what you need?

  • Hi DanB,

    thanks for your reply!


    At the beginning I used the date range option within the card, because this didn´t work out. I adapted my source, so I matched every day with its previous day via SQL. Now it is working!


    I think we did the same thing, but you fixed it in beastmode, which is maybe a more efficient way!



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