Card view count

Card view count is overly execrated and misleading...
View count increments even if I refresh the page... and not accurate representation of actual views..

Can’t they make it so that only the views other than the card owner is counted..? Disappointing.


  • The problem I think is that you can have a card exist in multiple you'd count all those. Then if you just have it minimized on a page with others, which some people may count as a view b/c some cards are just needed to get some KPI picture very quickly, those would need to be counted.  In theory, they should make the card viewer rules based on your company your suggestion with Owner could be a rule put in..but every company may do it differently.

    For a quick fix, use the DomoStats information, not the quick reads on the cards for your usage stats. You can use their App for it...and if you want drill down into the datasets and pull out more information.  They have detailed views and unique vistor information there.

  • Yet another workaround...but this should work. Thank you.

  • You're welcome.  Do me a favor and like the post and accept as solution so it closes this down.  Thank you

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