How to only show the amount of monthly value only once instead of the sum over the whole period?

Hi, so I have a dataset that looks like this (fictive dataset): 

Employee Name   Date          Sales   Monthly Quota   

Sally                   11/3/2018     5,000   10,000

Andrew               11/3/2018    4,500    15,000

Michelle              11/4/2018    3,500    9,000

Sally                   11/6/2018     1,000   10,000

Sally                   11/7/2018     700      10,000

Andrew               11/8/2018    2,500    15,000

Andrew               11/9/2018    3,000    15,000

Sally                   12/4/2018     2,000   10,000

Michelle              12/6/2018    4,500    9,000


I am making a card using the dataset, but how do I make the monthly quarter appear as monthly quota for each person, instead of the sum of all monthly quotas for each person, which is what's happening now?



  • On each row you should only see the sum of that Sales Rep's quota.  In a table there is no way to show the sum of all quotas on every row unless your ETL and underlying data is problematic.  If you have data, similar to below, you'd need to change Date to just Month() or MonthName() from beast mode...then do your sum(Quota) as the column. That "should" work if I understand the question correctly.

  • rado98
    rado98 Contributor

    Depending on the card type, either show the average of quota or using no aggregation might work.


    This will not work if you then change the date grain to say yearly nor will a table total work either. If you need it to work under those scenarios, I would split the data set(sales and quotas), remove the duplicated quotas and reappend the quotas so that they are on different rows as the sales.

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