Working with time values/measures


I was informed by Domo support that there is no accomodation for seconds-to-time in magic ETL.  Doing this transformation in Beast Mode makes the time value a dimension, which I would not be able to perform calculations on.  Is there any way around this?  I am trying to make cards for call center metrics like average speed of answer, average hold times based on detail data, etc.  All of the time values come from the database as seconds and I need to show them as time with trends and drilldowns.  Any thoughts are appreciated.


  • rado98
    rado98 Contributor

    I dont completely understand your problem but there is a way to work in seconds in Magic ETL.

    Convert your DATETIME columns to decimal, the this converts time so 0 is 1/1/1970 and each unit equals 1 milisecond