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I have a situation where the consumer would like to use the face gauge to see their performance.  The consumer of the card has several clients with different goals, and would like to be able to change clients using filters.  I have not been able to find a way to have the minimum and maximum values of the chart properties change based on the client that has been selected with filters, but maybe I don't know how to articulate that in a search of topics.


Is there a way to have the maximum and minimum values in the range properties change, based on a selection that is made using filters?


Ex. Client A has goal of 80%, but client B has a goal of 85%, so the minimum values of the Green Range would have to change for client A and client B.


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    I am not aware of a way to dyanmically change chart min/maxes. 


    I have seen what you are describing accomplished in other gauges by normalizing pct to goal as an "out of 100%". 


    Only catch, you would need to have the "Actual" and the "Goal" in your dataset to dynamically calculate them. 


    Client A - Actual 72%

    Client A - Goal 80%

    Client A - "out of 100%" would be 90% to goal (smiley face!)


    Client B - Actual 51%

    Client B - Goal 85%

    Client B - "out of 100%" would be 60% to goal (frowney face!)



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