In One card can we call another card?


How we can call one card in another card? Is there any concept like Parameter selection of choosing which view to see??


  • Valiant

    Right now the only real method for this is adding a drill path for your card. Any external linking from one card to another is limited to Page Analyzer Links (only applicable when going from table card to a different page altogether). 


    More info on drill paths.


    Hope that helps,

  • user04829

    Actually we want to have dynamic filtering of views in a card i.e calling one view(card) in another view(card) by passing parameter .

    In parameter we will select which view to see and it should redirect to selected view and it should be able to behave normally like normal card functions.


    Attaching sample snapshots  where  I am having three views(Bar, crosstab and Map) and on selection of anyone of these should show me that particular view.

    Note : These snapshots are from Tableau tool and attaching just for understanding purpose.

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