Best of October 2018!


October was a very strong month in Community and we continue to see more visitors and engagement.

@Property_Ninja continued his great contributions in October leading all members with 10 solutions delivered on 41 posts with 9 likes received, 8 likes given and 1 idea suggested.

@AS delivered 9 solutions on 28 posts lading all members with 23 likes received 7 likes given and 2 ideas suggested.

@NewsomSolutions delivered 6 solutions on 29 posts with 9 likes received 2 given and 3 ideas suggested

@ST_-Superman-_ delivered 5 solutions on 22 posts with 12 likes received 7 likes given

@Valiant had delivered 4 solutions with 4 likes received



All of the following delivered 1 solution each: @cwolman @honda @nitot @user03144 @user05850 @user09188 @SaiKumar @user06363 @Godzilla @jaz @NFSharma @user05739


@M3O4 submitted 15 ideas and received 14 likes! @honda received 23 likes wile @nitot received 12.


Great job everyone!!!


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