New to Domo - make sure you look here for some fun data to play with


I was browsing the Domo site and ran across this , it looks like it was posted last month so it is pretty new but thought it could help with folks that are new and want some data to play with that they can't screw up.  Enjoy.  Also - if you have something at your place that you used to help folks learn I'd love to hear what you've done.  Thanks - Matt


  • Valiant

    Thanks Matt,


    We're looking at starting up editor training for a few groups here, may be able to have the users play around with this instead of production data.


    I would also be interested if anyone has ideas around training editor level users in using Domo. Getting some analysts out of their Excel mindsets can be a challenge.


    Thanks again,


  • NewsomSolutions

    The excel mindset is tough to break.  For a lot of what I see is that people are used to looking at data with a floodlight and just hoping they spot the important KPI....where as Domo is more like a spot light and focuses on only the important KPI.  

    Plus with Excel you have a lot less control of what is being used, if the calculations are correct, if the look is what you want from your company.  So with the new Certification options we have for cards - leverage that hard.  I think that is a game changer and would help solve for that "I was sent a report by John and his revenue numbers were X but Sally's was Y...which one is right?" type thing.