I want beast mode calcs verified by an admin before adding to a data


Is there a way to limit who has access to add beast mode calculations to a data set?


I want anyone to be able to write them - but I do not want them added to the data set until they are verified by an admin.


  • Property_Ninja



    There is no way to currently do this in Domo. What we did at Buildium, was create a review process for all new cards and beastmodes being created. We created a page only for developers and card creators, called "Development," where they could do all of their initial work. We then have them pass their cards to a page called "Testing" where an admin reviews the card. Once the card is approved, we move it over to the newly created "Approved" page. All of these pages are subpages under our main section, called "Shared Sandbox." Now with the card certification in Domo, we have the creator submit a certification request with detail around what was changed or added straight from the "Development" page. We then check the card and certify it so the user knows when it has been reviewed. 


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