how can I create a graph showing time? I need to show my numbers in minutes (or seconds)



I am trying to build a card that shows the total promo time I have available in an hour of programming. So, for example, at 6pm, I have 2:30mins available of promo time. When I graph this the minutes come out as a decimal. How can I graph and show data in minutes? 



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    If you have access to the ETL, you could build in a new field for minutes.  So if breaking up the promo field taking everything before the : and then multipling by 60, then take everything after : and add that straight up.  So for this you'd have 150 seconds (I hope my math was right there...late night).


    If you don't have access to the ETL, you could do the same thing in a beast mode calculation.  


    I hope that helps. - matt

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