Breaking card certification


I'm not sure if this belongs here or not.

We have a card that has been certified.  We wanted to test what might break that certification.

We made a change to the query in workbench, which would update the dataset and ultimately the card.


However, the card is still showing certified, even though there was a fundamental change to the underlying data.


So, the question is does changing a workbench query ever break the certification or does the card stay certified even though the underlying data could be wrong?


  • Property_Ninja

    Hi Josh,


    It seems the way Domo designed this feature if you are actually certifying the card and not the underlying data. So the only way the certification will "break" is if the card is changed (ie: filters, columns, chart types, etc.). 


    Domo has not implemented certifying dataflows or datasets yet.


    Hope this helps,



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  • Josh-REO

    That's what i was afraid of, which means users could rely on a card that's "certified" but is not correct.  I was hoping that certifying meant the underlying data was also certified.  

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