Sunburst Chart does not show the Drill down details with same color when Hovered over it


Firstly, thank you @ DOMO Support for increasing DOMO Charts and providing new Dashboard options.


I have used Sunburst chart for giving a hirearchy data. While building the card I have noticed few things as stated below.

  1. After the data is plugged and chart is saved when we hover over the 1st category it does not reflect the drill down data (i.e. sub category) data of corresponding 1st category.
  2. If the 1st category is selected the value of 2nd category (Sub category) belonging to the 1st category should be highlighted in order to represent the 1st category data in sub category.
  3. Also if we hover mouse over 2nd category (i.e. sub category) it should also highlight the 1st category corresponding to it.
  4. Hovering should have a vice versa concept to replicate the data of hirearchial data.



We have a data of our client Aggregated value is Amount, Category 1 = Site, Category 2 = Supplier.

Category 1 consists of Site - IN Bangalore, IN Gurgaon & IN Offsite

Category 2 consists of Multiple Suppliers corresponding to each site.


I am attaching a word document for more illustration with sample data.


Do let me know if you require more insights on the said topic.


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