Any successful JSON connections?

Hi there,


I'm attempting to use the basic JSON connector, and I run into what I believe is a column limit error.


I want to use the connector to filter down to specific properties, but I'm not sure what the syntax is for this field or even JSON in general.


Does anybody have any good starting points on how to learn or where to start?





  • @rollthejewels


    Thanks for your post! Have a look at these docs:






  • Thanks Dani. 


    I've reviewed the DOMO connector guide already and that doesn't really help, and I'm not technically savvy enough to figure out what I need from the API guide (it's a little too technical).


    Specifically what I'm looking for is just the syntax for these fields:


  • Darius
    Darius Domo Employee



    It sounds like you need to add some entries to "Enter Fields to Exclude" for your use case, but all of the "Additional Options" you are referring to are optional, so you don't necessarily have to fill them all out. Here is a simple description of the fields that you are referring to:

    • Header tag: If your file has a header, you can enter the tag that your header uses
    • Data tag: If your data in  your JSON file has a tag you can enter it
    • Enter Fields to Exclude: Enter a comma-delimited list of column names you want the connect to ignore (I don't believe you need the single quotes)

    If you run into specific issues, please describe them here, otherwise, you may give our "JSON Advanced with custom parsing" connector, which is more interactive through the configuration process, making much of the setup easier for you.



    Darius Rose
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  • Thanks Darius.  


    In the image below, I highlighted the ultimate value I'm trying to get to, which is "score."  I highlighted the hierarchy within that as well, but I'm not sure how/which to reference otherwise to exclude (e.g. runWarnings, audits, etc. all at a higher level)



  • BUMP


    Anybody have any ideas for the above?

  • @Darius any additional thoughts here?