How do I build a custom template without the Powerpoint plug-in crashing?


I'm able to connect Powerpoint to Domo, however I'm having issues once I select the cards I want to import from the Wizard and click 'Create Slides' - I receive an error message and partial card data with low resolution.


Please let me know if anyone has found this issue and how they've been able to resolve. Thank you!



  • n8isjack-ret
    n8isjack-ret Domo Employee

    Hi @SamCam I am not familiar with that particular error. You may want to install the latest version of the plugin if you haven't already.


    Otherwise please work with our support team via to have them review the cause. This plugin is still in beta and they can help have it looked at.

    Former Domo employee you can find me in the Dojo Community here @n8isjack
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