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Is anyone using the Coupa connector? I have some questions regarding how the data is structured. For example, which date is the Req lines pulling from. I assume it is not pulling from the creation date since I am getting line items dated two years prior to the start date I entered. Another issue I am having is the commodity seems to be located in the invoice table, I cannot get a complete picture of PO dollars by commodity. 


I'm looking to connect with someone who has used this connector to get a sense of what you have and have not been able to accomplish with this connectors. 

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  • [Deleted User]
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    Thanks for your post.

    Please have a look at this documentation.



  • M_Alexander

    Thank you Dani for the reply. I have read the documentation and it does not answer my questions. What the date range (start date, end date) is linked to makes a difference in the context of the data. For example, if you pulled the invoice table, one where start and end dates are linked to creation date and another with the start and end date is linked to sent date, the summed invoice amount would give two different answers.  I have pulled from the requisitions table with a start date of 1/1/2015 to current, yet I get data dated 2013. My guess is the start date is link to something other than the req creation date thus giving data prior to 2015. 


    Additionally, I have used two other dashboard platforms with Coupa and have not been able to get everything I would like to. I believe it is more of an issue of the structure of the data from Coupa rather than the Domo connector. I have tried to get the data model directly from Coupa in the past and was not successful. I’d assume there are Domo clients using the connector, someone had to request it to be built.  It would be nice to connect with whomever is using the connector.

  • bwardell
    bwardell Domo Employee

    From what I have found, the only two columns that can be used in the Requisitions API for Coupa is created-at, or updated-at date columns. 

    From what you have described, it sounds like it is using the updated-at, which is why the data would show 2013 when you queried with a start time of 2015, because it is possible that a 2013 requisition was updated after January 2015.

  • M_Alexander

    Thanks for the reply bwardell. The updated-at date would make sense but that is not the case, I attached a screenshot in my last post. And to clarify it is the req lines table. I agree there isn’t much other than status that I would pull from the req’s table. Right now I am connected to our Coupa sandbox and I know that has been refreshed since I last pull data into Domo, maybe I just need to refresh the data and take another look.


    I’d like to pull PO dollars by commodity but since the commodity comes out of the API in the invoice lines table, I don’t think that will work seeing it would only total PO dollars that have been invoices, not a true total of PO dollars.


    Additional Questions

    • Were  you able to build metrics off of approval chains, by pass individual, or by pass all?
    • Have you ran into any issues of how long it takes to pull from Coupa? YY data has taken anywhere from 3-8 hours to pull due to the API limits.
    • Another area I’m looking is invoice creation method (User, Supplier, API). I am assuming it’s a grouping off of the Delivery Method inside Coupa but I cannot find that in the tables.