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We've set up a dashboard page with three different sub dashboards using the new design dashboard function  but couldn't find a presentation mode where we can switch between the three dashboards and present them together. We've just a way to present all cards on the page independently. Is there a way that we have the whole dashboard on the screen and then are able to switching between the different dashboards on the page? 




  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee


    Unfortunately, no. There is not an option to use multiple dashboards within a Presentation. However, you can add any single card individually to any one Presentation. With this, you would be able to include all cards from the 4 included Dashboards. But, there is no way to do this at the Dashboard level. Here is our knowledge base article on Publication Slideshows :


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    I apologize that this is not currently an option. Thank you.

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