Loading a log file in JSON format


The workbench allows us to load JSON formatted log file. I dont see any examples indiating what the "data source" examples could be. It indicates a key what would the key be?

Below is an example of what im looking to load and take in values for calculation , the values are all mocked up but this is what we would think to see :


{"interaction":{"startTime":"2018-10-12 08:55:15.998","name":"FactButton","qualifier":"field_149-or_so_Step5Submit-7197--Order-Submit_B","context":{"classKey":100,"rootKey":29430,"effectiveDate":"2018-10-12 08:54:32.000","activeTab":"Product Order / Enquiry","id":null},"httpRequestCount":0,"rpcCount":18,"rpcDuration":10985,"rpcMin":4,"rpcMax":9948,"sessionId":"DAEE8FC913849170784348576FC7629F","hostName":"tester","serverName":"example","remoteHost":"","error":false,"warning":false,"windowClosed":false,"totalDuration":11386,"user":"testuser"}}
{"interaction":{"startTime":"2018-10-12 08:55:52.645","name":"DialogButton","qualifier":"OK","context":{"classKey":100,"rootKey":29430,"effectiveDate":"2018-10-12 08:54:32.000","activeTab":"Product Order / Enquiry","id":null},"httpRequestCount":0,"rpcCount":0,"rpcDuration":0,"rpcMin":9223372036854775807,"rpcMax":-9223372036854775808,"sessionId":"DAEE8FC913849170784348576FC7629F","hostName":"tester","serverName":"example","remoteHost":"","error":false,"warning":false,"windowClosed":false,"totalDuration":97,"user":"testuser"}}


  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hey there!  


    The JSON you provided is invalid.  Each grouping you have uploaded can be counted as a single row in a JSON file, but because of how they are encapsulated, it separates them out so each row acts as its own JSON file.  You will need to check the process that is generating these files.


    Here is Domo's Knowledgebase article on how to pull in a JSON file from Workbench - https://knowledge.domo.com?cid=wb4json


    If you need help from Domo resources, you can go to your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive, and they can help point you in the right directionl.





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