How do I create a calculated field for a string starting after a certain set of characters?


I'm trying to create a calculated field from an export of email messages that will capture a string AFTER a certain character set. In other words, the field will read something like:


How do I remove my payment information from your website? ------------------ Submitted from:


I want the output of the calculated field to be the URL ( ) for cases where both the URL and the text before "------------------ Submitted from:" can vary widely. I imagine this can be done with a SUBSTR or INSTR function (or combination thereof) but I'm not sure how to do this.



  • Property_Ninja



    You should be able to use substring_index function.


    SUBSTRING_INDEX(`description`, '------------------ Submitted from: ', -1) as url


    Basically this function looks at your field value (description), finds the string you want to locate, and then the negative 1 takes everything to the right.


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  • lucywo



    Let me just recap your situation:


    "How do I remove my payment information from your website? ------------------ Submitted from:"





    Assume all URLs obey the same pattern which they all start with "http://www". I think its fair assumption unless there will be two "http://www"s.


    My solution:



    What you need to do:


    1. replace `Country` with the field that contains your full text with URL inside.

    2. Boom


    Note: I know it seems like long and difficult. Free free to reply if you are still not able to or need in-depth explanation.