Facebook Ads Website Purchases


I'm using the Facebook Ads connector to develop a dashboard for our marketing team, and they want to see the number of purchases and revenue generated for each ad set. 


This data is definitely available from Facebook's Graph API. It's in the "Ads Action Stats" data (documentation here https://developers.facebook.com/docs/marketing-api/reference/ads-action-stats/). I'm specifically looking for all action statistics where 'action_type'='purchase'.


I don't see this data in any of the available FB Ads connector reports, though. I tried the custom report and reading the connector documentation (here https://knowledge.domo.com/Connect/Connecting_to_Data_with_Connectors/Configuring_Each_Connector/Facebook_Ads_Advanced_Connector) but haven't had any luck. I also found this article in the Dojo, but it just recommends powering up the Facebook ROI App which hasn't helped me either.


Can anyone point me to a data set that'll give me the website purchase data I'm looking for? Does it exist? If not, can Domo support create it?











  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hey Martin01!

    If you are not seeing expected data within the Facebook connector types, but you can see it available outside of Domo, then I would advise submitting feedback to Domo's Product team with the documentation you've been able to find in regard to Facebook's API. They should be able to provide more details on how that can be implemented.