Using course builder on phones and tablets

SEC Contributor

Will the course builder courses be optimized for phones and tablets?  I have some users who only use their phones to access Domo, so they miss out on being able to use this information.


  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Contributor


    Unfortunately, I am not seeing an option for installing the Course Builder on any Mobile device. I also do not yet see any work started to build this out for Mobile devices.

    I can completely understand why you would like to work the Course Builder from a Mobile Device. So, I will submit feedback to our Development team for them to consider building out this option for Mobile Devices.

    I apologize that this is not currently an option. But, thank you very much for this valuable feedback.

  • Adding @CWL and @JeriLarsen from the Course Builder team as an FYI

  • CWL
    CWL Member

    Hello @SEC. At this time the courses built in CourseBuilder are not yet optimized for phones and tablets. We do have plans to address this in the future.  

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