Is there some way to control the chart symbol/point size especially with the category scatter chart?


The symbols are so large that the category scatter chart can easliy display a solid bar of color.  If I can make the symbols smaller or semi transparent it would helpful.  Any help?


  • NewsomSolutions

    I'm not sure this helps any but if I were using that chart and couldn't show distinction between the values, I'd try to extend the scale of the chart first and see if that spreads them out (doubtful).  Next I would see if I could display that data more effectively using another chart type.  I don't know what data you're looking at or what you're trying to show, but think about another way you can present the message you're trying to tell.  Maybe a Bubble Chart, then you'd be able to use series in there to show different colors and sizes.  Maybe just simplify your message and use a Horizontal chart without doing anything too fancy.  Sorry if that doesn't help, but hopefully it does. - matt

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