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I am working on a way to figure out what the same-day closure rate % is for customer support cases created within X time frame. As well as compare that to a previous time frame. 




Feb 2017 = 73%

Feb 2018 = 90%


March 2017 = 85%

March 2018 = 88%


I would like to see if there is a visual way of doing this as well as a straight number. 


The time format for case opened and closed is: 2018-08-22 09:36:09

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



  • Property_Ninja



    You can use a beastmode in conjunction with a period over period chart. Below is an example of how the beastmode would look for percent of cases closed within seven days. Then I would use the Bar line period over period chart, select my time period to be CreatedDate and then my Y Axis to be the beastmode calculation. 


    COUNT(CASE WHEN DATEDIFF(`CloseDate`,`CreatedDate`) <= 7 THEN `Id` END)

    Then after that is complete I go to my date range, choose last 13 months, graph by month and then pick how many months back I want compare to, in this case previous year so 12. Please checkout the attached image for more detail.


    Hope this helps,



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