Connecting to a data source via API

Hi there 


I have a data source which only has 2 options: manual extract of daily files from a portal OR API

I am not a developer, but can usually work things out in time i.e. I taught myself HTML, CSS and JS in order to complete a certain task - however at the moment I don't really have time do a lot of learning just to get this data to connect. 

My question is: I know nothing about connecting to data via API; how hard is it? how long would it take me to figure out? OR - is there some easier way i.e. some app which simplifies the process with some WYSIWYG or something? 

I really don't want to be manually uploading files every day if I can help it - thanks


  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hi User03144,


    Depending on where your data is coming from there may be an easier way to connect your data to Domo. Domo has over 500 data connections available to our customers. If you can't find what you are looking for you can create your own custom connector. If you visit, there is plenty of documentation there to help you complete your goal. The documentation includes examples and troubleshooting to guide you.



    I would highly suggest checking to see if there is a data connector that fits your data type and if it's not there try out