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I have some data which contains revenue but in USD, because the data vendor is US-based, but all our other numbers are GBP. Any ideas on a way to convert tjhis into GBP? Perhaps pull some public currency data into a table and then I can do a currency calculation in beast mode or a tranform? Mainly interested in where and how to pull the data

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    So I found the European Central Bank has a link with conversion rates on it:


    And info on it:


    So here's how you can put it to use (the data updates daily btw).


    Go to your Data Center and add a new Cloud App. Search for XML and choose the XML Advanced connector.


    First setup your XML account (this can be gibberish as it's not actually needed for this, but here's the info on the connector XML Info)


    Now here's the info you actually need:

    Connection Method set to 

    HTTP Request

    Enter the URL to your XML File:

    Do you Require Additional Options: 


    Do you Require Attributes in Data: 


    Enter Fields to Exclude:



    Recursive XML Parser

    The rest you can leave blank or default. After that schedule your dataset and here's your results:



    Hopefully that helps get you what you need.




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