how do you change the underlying dataset or query on an existing domo card?


How do you look up change the underlying dataset and/or the underlying query on an existing domo card?


  • Hi, user 09603,


    This is actually quite easy once you know where to click:


    1) Open the card in Analyzer (wrench menu --> "Edit In Analyzer")

    2) In Analyzer, on the far left side menu bar near the top of the page (above "Dimensions"), you'll see the name of the dataset currently powering the card. Just click the datset name and you'll be given a list of other datasets to choose from

    3) Click the name of the new dataset you want to use to power the card

    4a) If the new dataset contains all the fields your card is currently using, Domo will change the card to be powered by the new dataset you specified

    4b) if the new dataset doesn't contan all the fields your card is currently using, Domo will tell you so. You still have the option to click the button to "Switch DataSet" (or cancel the change); After you change the dataset, you'll just need need to make the necessary changes to power your card using the fields in the new dataset.