Apply same color rules to multiple cards


I have multiple cards on a dashboard built on the same dataset. Occasionally I want to change the colour rules across all cards on the dashboard, but not all cards built on the DataSet. It would be great to have an easy way of doing this.


  • Billobi
    Billobi Contributor

    Sounds like a tough spot, since the color options are usually geared toward just that particular card, or all cards across the dataset.  In your case, that's either too little or way too much.


    Depending on how many colors or cards you're talking about, I'd consider doing a beast for the dimension/measure that you want uniformly color coded on that particular dashboard, and put that beast in place for each card on that dashboard.  Even if it's just a duplicate beast of on you're already could this new beast for color coding across the whole dataset, which would then just update this one dashboard that it's in use on. 

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