Operation Cannot Accept 2 Operands?

Is anyone else getting this new error that popped up overnight for ETL flows that used to work?


When I select a filter in ETL that compares a date against the current date, I get this error no matter what I do.


Can someone let me know what the issue is and how to resolve or if this is a glitch?

Thank you.


  • I'm getting this error as well and I cannot figure out why (flows were working fine yesterday).

  • Yes, I'm getting this today....on an ETL that I am adding the filter in. But everything is legit.  Did you find a resolution?  - Matt

  • Hi Matt,

    I contacted customer support and they said it's a known issue that the team is currently working to fix.

  • Thanks - I was calling in after I replied and got the same confirmation that you did.  They are working on it and it hopefully will be resolved "soon"...today or tomorrow hopefully.  There is also another known issue with data flow errors since last night's maintenance ...so FYI if anyone else has weirdness.